Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Jan: Cutting the Red Tape: Finding and Using E-Government Tools and Resources (ALA)

An asynchronous course beginning January 6, 2014 and continuing for 4 weeks.
Estimated Hours of Learning: 24Certificate of Completion available upon request 
Price: $200.00


Topics include:
  • History and Background of the Government Printing Office (GPO), Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP), The Superintendant of Documents (SUDOCS): What you need to know about accessing U. S. Government produced information on the Web.
  • The Central Portals - GPOAccess, USA.Gov, and the UN Documents Centre
  • Information for Business
  • Information for Healthcare Consumers and Medical Professionals
  • Genealogy and Historical Records
  • Jobs, Careers, and Government Contracts
  • The Three Branches of Government: Legislative, Executive, and the Judiciary
  • Laws, Regulations, and Court Rulings
  • Taxes, Retirement, and Insurance
  • Science Information
  • Statistical Resources
  • Grants Information
  • Misc. Interesting Sites.
  • State and Local Government Information
E-government tools and resources bring many people to your library for such activities as filing and paying taxes online, locating Medicare/Medicaid providers and reviews, checking student loan status, tracking regulatory changes for industries, monitoring ongoing legislation as well as codified law and court rulings, and much more. This hands-on online eCourse also explores the information treasures published online by the U. S. federal government through the Government Printing Office and specific agencies and branches of the government. 

Experienced online instructor Diane Kovacs, honored with the 2000 Documents to the People Award from ALA’sGovernment Documents Roundtable (GODORT), covers the best sites to begin researching for government information in general and specifically for business, healthcare, genealogy, history, current government, legal, regulatory, taxes, retirement, insurance, and state and local government information.