Thursday, December 5, 2013

Jan: I Need it NOW!: Working with Others to Quickly Produce a Grant Proposal

January 29, 2014
3-4pm Eastern

Issues beyond the grant proposal writer’s control are often the primary reason for missed or “photo finish” deadlines. Therefore, the first order of business is to anticipate difficulties and lay the groundwork for a relatively stress-free proposal writing process. This webinar explores the two primary reasons why grant applications are delayed. Tools that tame complicated grant proposal projects will be shared and explained. Techniques that create enthusiasm for the proposal writing process (in yourself and among your colleagues) will be articulated and discussed.

Tips for quickly and efficiently producing grant proposals
Methods for determining whose help you will need
Ways to effectively communicate grant needs to colleagues/partners/staff/boss
What to do when you don’t get the information that you need from your colleagues/partners/staff/boss
Examples of systems that you can use to help you manage your time/the grant process