Monday, February 24, 2014

Apr/May: Redesigning Library Spaces on a Shoestring: High Impact at Low Cost (Infopeople)

Apr 8 - May 5, 2014     $75 (California)  $150 (Out-of-state)

    Are you rethinking the spaces in your library? You may want to redesign or reconfigure spaces because of overcrowding, patron confusion, inadequate technology, or the need for new services. Your collections may need a more appealing look and greater visibility. You may need to provide more space for teens and tweens who pour into your library after school. If your vision of improvements exceeds the money you have available, this course is for you.

    This course will help you:

        Clarify your goals for redesigning or reconfiguring your space
        Understand trends in service environments and programming spaces
        Improve wayfinding in your library
        Revitalize an area so that it functions more effectively
        Merchandise your collections more effectively
        Identify sources of discounted, used, and surplus materials
        Solicit donations and find sponsorships

    You'll learn about current innovations that solve persistent space challenges and about adjacency diagrams that improve functionality. Armed with an understanding of future trends in library services, you'll be able to do a redesign that will not be quickly outdated. We will share ideas for space redesign on a shoestring, with emphasis on low- or no-cost solutions and what's realistic at different price points.

Course Description: During this four-week online course the instructor will provide resources, best practices, and useful tips and techniques. In the assignment options, you will have opportunities to apply the concepts learned to low- or no-cost projects at your own library. You'll be able to listen to advice about using adjacency diagrams and changing the organization and merchandising of a collection. During the fourth week of the course, an online meeting will present a showcase of "shoestring design."