Monday, April 14, 2014

Apr: Ask an RDA Expert: Biblographic Description (ALA)

Join colleagues across the world for a unique opportunity to engage informally with a group of RDA: Resource Description and Access experts to ask questions and get answers based on others' experience and knowledge.
This three-hour open forum allows you to drop in at your convenience to obtain and share information on the RDA-related issues that matter most to you. Ask an RDA Expert: Bibliographic Description will be led by panelists Adam Baron, May Chan, and Marcia Salmon.
The webinar will focus on:
•    Bibliographic description
•    Monograph cataloging
•    Transitioning to RDA
•    Best training resources
Bring your questions about these topics, carrier types, publication statements, preferred titles, and more. Stay for 20 minutes or stay for the full three hours—this is your chance to get your RDA questions answered!

$50/person, $100/group