Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Apr: Reinventing Employee Performance Management, Humanizing a Horrible Process (4Good)

April 23 (11-12 pm Mountain)

Organizations continue to struggle with establishing effective performance management (PM) programs. In a recent survey only 3% of organizations report their PM system adds exceptional value. The problem lies with the inability to move away from a fundamentally flawed system. Sitting in a room developing new forms, processes, competencies, ratings, etc is disconnected from the humanity of the day-to-day work and the real people these systems are designed for. Everyone continues to complain about a structure that should work but in practice cannot produce consistent results, is misapplied and painful to use. We have given performance management over 50 years to prove its worth. Time for a change. There is an alternative to traditional performance management: it begins by bulldozing the existing system and rebuilding something new, simple and effective from the ground up. Key word: simple. Others’ are doing it and you can too. This session will provide new thinking and tools that will help you reinvent an outdated system in your organization.

For more information and to register for this program, visit: https://4good.org/4good/upcoming-nonprofit-webinars