Tuesday, April 1, 2014

June: Do-It-Yourself Usability Testing (Library Juice Academy)

Dates: June 2-27, 2014
Credits: 1.5 CEUs
Price: $175


In this four-week course, you will learn how to gather feedback from your users cheaply and effectively in order to improve your website. You will walk through the process of developing personas, primary tasks, and sample scenarios. You will learn the best methods for testing these scenarios with users in an authentic way in different library environments. You will learn how to analyze the results to make decisions about your website’s information architecture, labeling, and content. You will strategize about how to implement affordable methods of usability testing in a systematic and sustainable way.

This course can be taken as one of six courses needed to earn our Certificate in User Experience (UX), but can be taken as a stand-alone course as well.