Saturday, April 26, 2014

May: Effective Assessment Strategies for One Shot Library Instruction and Workshops (RUSA)

Online course: May 5 - 30, 2014

Recent trends in higher education are demanding more accountability and assessment from the academic library environment. This includes assessment in information literacy instruction. Do you find it difficult to incorporate assessment strategies into your one shot library instruction? This four week course will demonstrate how to create and use effective assessment strategies that can fit into the time constraints of one shot library instruction. This course will provide examples of how to seamlessly place iclicker tests, group activities, worksheets and gaming techniques into your sessions that will provide you with meaningful assessment data. The weekly modules will present engaging opportunities for instruction librarians from all types of libraries to discuss, collaborate and create tools that will support the value of assessing one shot library instruction. Participants will receive concrete examples of effective assessment strategies, a variety of best practices for assessing data and examples of how to provide your institution with evidence based conclusions on how your information literacy program is impacting student learning.  This course is relevant to all librarians who teach classes or workshops that focus on information literacy skills.

This course will focus on effective assessment strategies in one shot library instruction. Every week participants will view the video lecture (about 15-20 minutes of video), read the complimentary article, complete the weekly assignment and respond to their peers.

    $130 for RUSA members
    $175 for ALA members
    $210 for non-ALA members
    $100 for student members and retired members