Monday, April 21, 2014

May-Jun: Improving Library Services to People with Disabilities (ASCLA)

May 19 - June 15, 2014

Designed to educate and empower library staff at all levels to provide the best possible services to differently-abled library users. Our goal in creating this course is to provide every one of your staff--whether new or seasoned--with the essential information they absolutely need to know to successfully meet the needs of all users at your library. During this four-week course, participants will:
•    Identify patrons with disabilities who use the library and the resources that are available to assist them.
•    Examine changes in attitudes, laws and technologies that have impacted people with disabilities.
•    Demonstrate communication with people-first vocabulary and non-verbal techniques.
•    Explore assistive technologies that are available for people with disabilities, either in their own library or in the current marketplace.
•    Be able to recommend changes in personal and organizational behaviors to improve services for people with disabilities.
Chat 1: Thursday, May 29, 3-4 pm Central Time.
Chat 2: Thursday, June 12, 3-4 pm Central Time.

    $150 for ASCLA members
    $195 for ALA members
    $230 for non-ALA members
    $120 for student members and retired members