Thursday, April 17, 2014

May-June: Introduction to Digital Curation (University College London)

8 week MOOC May 5-June 30, 2014

Digital curation can be defined as the ongoing management for use of digital material, but it can also be defined as an emerging trans-disciplinary field with no firm boundaries or established best practice. This course is designed to help you start to get to grips with digital curation in both these aspects.

Having completed it, you should be able to:
  •     describe how a concern for digital curation has emerged over the recent past
  •     explain the main models, ideas and strategies currently used to give shape to digital curation
  •     use the vocabulary of digital curation
  •     identify the competencies and skills currently deemed necessary for those working in digital curation
  •     draw on a number of online resources in order to keep your knowledge up to date
  •     participate in the wider digital curation community and the development of practice in this area