Thursday, May 29, 2014

Jun: Dealing with Difficult People: Learn a New Skillset for Today’s Multigenerational, Multicultural Workplace (4Good)

June 18 (11-12 pm Mountain)

It seems to happen in a lot of workplaces. Someone is difficult. It can be a client, peer or (gulp) your boss. Or it could be that incommunicative guy in the mailroom, the gossipy fundraiser, the surly receptionist or the aggressive fill-in-the-blank that puts a crimp in your day. Might be that new Gen Y that asks too many questions, texts too much and talks too little. ENTITLEMENT! Could be the very direct Gen X who leaves the desk at 5 PM with work still to be done. UNCOMMITTED! How about that Baby Boomer who called the two hour meeting so she could introduce a new process and all you’re concerned about is getting to the bottom line? TALK, NO ACTION! Dealing with difficult people does not need to be that difficult and can be the beginning of an admired and desired skillset in today’s multigenerational, multicultural workplace. Learn how in this webinar presented by Sherri Petro of VPI Strategies.

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