Sunday, October 12, 2014

Nov: When OA Meets IL: Bridging Open Access and Information Literacy to Enhance Student Learning (SCIL)

November 17, 2014  11am-12pm Pacific

Open Access (OA) is usually confined to discussions of "formal" academic scholarship, and rarely explored for its potential to enhance student learning. Char Booth, Annie Knight, and Carmen Mitchell explore the pedagogical intersections between information literacy (IL) and OA. We will share strategies for incorporating OA as a vehicle for engaging students in research-based concepts and scholarly processes, and create a forum for discussing how to empower students to perceive themselves as "active" content creators and information users.

This is a joint SCIL/SCORE online meeting. Feel free to invite other librarians that you think might benefit. The technical details of how to participate in this session will be sent later.

If you have questions or situations that you would like discussed, send them in advance to: