Sunday, January 25, 2015

Apr'15: Diversity 102: Moving Beyond and Forward (Simmons SLIS-CE)

$300.00 (Simmons SLIS Alumni Price $250.00)
April 1 - May 6, 2015 - PDPs: 20

Please note: This is a five-week workshop

Yes, we need diverse books. But what do you do when you have them? How do you find them in the first place? How do you assess them? And, most important, how do you get them in the hands of all readers, not just your "diverse" patrons?

This workshop is about moving past simply calling for diversity and gets to actionable goals and skill-building. Attendees will learn how to audit their reading habits and look for bias and privilege in order to become broader readers; how to find and assess diverse books for offensive or inauthentic content; and how to get them in the hands of all types of readers, regardless of background. Using critical theory, author and librarian testimonials, and a booklist of major authors in a wide variety of diverse areas (race/ethnicity, sexuality/gender, socioeconomic status, ability), this course will arm attendees with proven strategies and talking points for buying, reading, booktalking, promoting, and increasing circulation of diverse titles.