Sunday, January 25, 2015

Apr'15: When the Internet is just a Stepping Stone: Historical Research for the Cultural Heritage Professional (Simmons SLIS-CE)

$250.00 (Simmons SLIS Alumni Price $200.00)
April 1 - April 30, 2015 - PDPs: 15

Those of us who conduct research for a living are fortunate to live in the age of instantly-available information. Often times we formulate a query, type it into a search engine, and receive a speedy response. It’s as simple as that. When delving into history, however, we quickly learn that not everything is available at our fingertips. Even with widespread digitization efforts, many important historical documents remain in their original format, inaccessible in the online environment. We must then take a step beyond search engines and look to specialized research collections.

This month-long online course is designed for cultural heritage workers, independent researchers, budding genealogists, and anyone for whom search engines alone will not suffice for history-based research. This workshop covers: using the Internet as a starting point to find the right collection for a research project; the policies, procedures, and restrictions typical of special collections; creating a research plan; and actually engaging in historical research. Participants will have the opportunity to visit research collections of their choosing and begin self-designed research projects that can be used in their own work.