Monday, January 26, 2015

Feb'15: Key Elements of a Project Plan/Evaluating Your Project Plan (Webjunction)

Part 1 of 2 February 5 
Start time: 2:00 Eastern / 11:00 Pacific - 1 hour long

This session will describe how careful planning leads to more successful projects. We will cover how to develop an idea, define your audience, look at funding options, do an environmental scan, assess your resource capacity and needs, and develop a project scope and schedule for implementation. Attendees will be invited to use the two weeks between webinars to outline a project idea based on these key principles. Submitted project plans will be reviewed by webinar moderators with individual feedback provided for each submission.

Part 2 of 2
February 19   Start time: 2:00 Eastern / 11:00 Pacific - 1 hour long

In this highly interactive second session, we will use sample project ideas and case studies to look at how we can assess the strength of a project plan before it is implemented. We will also discuss other project management resources and where to learn more about the topic.