Tuesday, March 3, 2015

May'15: Exploring Partnerships with Faculty and Other User Groups for Digital Humanities Projects (RUSA)

Tuesday, May 12, 2015: 2-3:30pm Central


Interested in partnering with faculty and other user groups for creating digital humanities projects? This webinar demonstrates how librarians can form successful partnerships with their user groups and play an active role in digital humanities projects. Audience will gain an understanding of the various ways in which librarians can engage in such projects.

This webinar provides specific examples of the ways in which librarians from two academic libraries actively participated in digital humanities projects with different user groups. This webinar is distinct from others because it demonstrates how these librarians partnered with the different user groups in creating successful digital humanities projects. Librarians have always worked closely with faculty and other departments/ groups on campus on many occasions. These projects illustrate how librarians can leverage such relationships to collaborate on digital humanities projects. These kinds of collaborations offer an excellent opportunity for creating an engaged and active learning environment for students. Each presenter will spend 30 minutes discussing their individual projects. They will discuss the development of their projects and share strategies for success. At the end of the webinar 30 minutes will be allocated for Q & A and discussion.

Registration fees:
$40 for RUSA members
$50 for ALA members
$65 for non-ALA members
$35 for ALA student members and retired members
Group Rates
$99 single login
$38/person multiple logins. (min. 2 people)