Thursday, December 5, 2013

Jan: Forward Thinking for Tomorrow's Projects: Requirements for Business Analytics

Normal people don't look at data sets just for fun; they analyze them to make business decisions. Business analysts are more frequently finding themselves on strategic projects that turn large and often highly complex data sets into meaningful information from which conclusive decisions and actions can be derived. Analysis of big data is already a reality today in most IT organizations and will grow in significance as businesses look to gain a better understanding for capturing, structuring, and learning from their data.

In this webcast presentation, Joy Beatty, VP of R&D at Seilevel, offers advice on tackling requirements for business analytics projects. Drawing from the book she co-authored with Karl Wiegers, Software Requirements 3rd Ed., Joy will outline how to elicit strategic analytics decisions to help prioritize requirements work and how to prepare for the future of big data by specifying data needs. Participants will hear examples of questions they can use to engage businesses to think outside the box about their requirements and consider new possibilities from analytics projects.